Friday, August 12, 2011

Today We Ate "Cheese".

As many of you know, C1 is allergic to milk.  It's the whey that he has a problem with and we have high hopes for him to outgrow it.  It's been 4 months since we've learned of his allergy and I won't lie, this pretty much sucks for cooking for a large family, at least I thought.  My fall back meals included "Stove-Top Mac and Cheese," "Buttermilk Soaked Chicken Nuggets" and "Bean and Cheese Burritos."  What's a mom to do?  What did *I* do?  I got pissed and served chicken and veggies for just about every meal for 2 weeks.  Let's just say that my chicken lovers are no long keen on the idea of chicken and veggies.  There goes that one.  We've tried several alternatives.  Simple flour rue sauces with Earth Balance and Almond Milk; not so great.  Vegan Cheese; yup, enough said.  We're not buying that again!

Yesterday, I came across the Vegan Reader via my friend Shana.  She blogs at and I admire her planning, cooking and frugal living skills.  She originally led me there to look at the Homemade Rice Milk recipe (which is on the stove as I type).   I'll let you know how that flies once the brew is done.  In all of my spare time (insert sarcasm), I perused through more of her site, trying to ignore a lot of the political stuff (not that I fully disagree, I just don't have any more brain space at the moment), and found her recipe for "Cheese!"  It reminded me more of hummus than cheese dip, but my C1, who is two years old exclaimed, "MY CHEESE," repeatedly, for almost 5 minutes after serving it.  This one goes in my book as a win.  Thank you!  I also love that I have found another use for all of the organic herbs growing in my back yard!  I'm interested in hearing what Big L has to say.  I presume that if I preface the dip by calling it a mock cheese, I will get a thumbs down.  If I give it to him as 'just a dip,' it may find it's self on our family dinner table weekly! 

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