Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Baking Mix- Simple Pancakes

The worst part about making pancakes in the morning is the mess and energy that goes into mixing them.  I often setting for oatmeal in the microwave (gasp), or fried egg sammies.  I found this baking mix at Lazy J Bar C Farm's Blog.  There are a lot of exciting recipes on the blog with this mix, but I am more into simplicity than interesting lately. 

My pancake recipe now includes the baking mix, and it sure is simple!

2c. baking mix
2 large eggs
2tbsp. oil of your choice (I prefer organic canola oil for this purpose.)
2+ c. milk of your choice (We used almond due to milk allergies in the family.)

Mix until combined.  Add more milk if you prefer a thinner pancake.  Pour onto a 400 degree griddle, 1/4c. per pancake and cook like any other hotcake.  Makes ~12 pancakes. 

If you notice- this recipe is SO easy to change to your needs.  For each cup of mix, it's 1 egg, 1tbsp oil and just over equal amounts of milk.  The hubs may even be tempted to cook pancakes with this simplicity! 

Thank you, Lazy J Bar C Farm!  Today, you are my hero!